Dolphin brings his legendary show to Belgrade, Serbia for the first time on September 26.

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Dolphin has gone through an incredible journey through hip hop, alternative rock, and indie music. For several decades now, he has continued to evolve and surprise, with each album being an event and each new song — a revelation.

Dolphin's art is a remarkable exploration of intellectual yet sensual music, filled with romance, psychedelic elements, relentless drive and experimentation. This can be felt most in his live performances, which are truly unique.

The large concert program organically combines the most important and most relevant songs from Dolphin's entire career, enhanced by state-of-the-art sound, light and multimedia elements.

Dolphin's band is at the height of their craft, both in studio and on stage. They are perfectionists whose creative energy literally transforms the space they occupy, and you will have the chance to experience it firsthand at upcoming shows.

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